Xd'U Art
 With this different activity we will work with the artistic proposals the participants of the local festival Ultrasons have made. The workshop will connect the students, who will be protagonists, with the works and processes. With this workshop they will develop their creativity imitating the methodology of the festival.

Structure and stages:

● Display of the video Al otro lado del Telón.
● Visit: valuation and review of the works.
● Dialogue with the artists. Each student will ask one question to the artist in order to talk with him or her online.
● Workshop: individual proposal using or imitating the creative method of the festival. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2t8b9w3yle :

o Technique: modelling and pictorial decoration.
o Materials: clay and barbotine.
o Process: we will make the pieces while listening to the music the organisers of Ultrasons suggest.

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