Heritage Route

The main objective of this educational itinerary is to awaken students’ interest in their closest heritage. The students will visit places like the Iberian village “la Isleta de la Moratella” (from before the Roman period), the Santa thermal baths and the Camino dels Bandejats (from the Roman period) and the silo and the mill (from the Middle Ages).
Furthermore, the students will find other significant elements through observation and cataloguing.


L’Alcora- Termas romanas de Santa – Illeta de la Moratella – Corrales – Molino de en Garcés – Camino dels Bandejats – Silo medieval

The “Ruta del Patrimonio”. Foundations and objectives of the visit

Theoretical foundations:

Archaeological heritage in l’Alcora:

1. First settlers in l’Alcora; cultures which left a mark in our municipality.
2. Archaeological sites in l’Alcora and its geographical location.
3. Exploitation of the territory.
4. Current placement of the archaeological sites.

Objectives of each area:

History: To know our environment and our heritage. Our municipality has been witness to the cultures which have inhabited our area.

Science: Critical observation of archaeological remains: preservation problems, evaluation and environment as historical interpretation space.

Physical education: Physical activity in contact with nature: walking through paths, short routes…

Development of the activity:

The route stimulates amusement and participation. We will briefly explain children which tasks are they going to carry out in groups.

1. Exploration of the area, geographical location, possible food and water sources and other resources
2. Identification of the culture: type of building, characteristic ceramics, etc.
3. Date of the village

Children will have the following material available:

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