Ceramic crafts and craft workshops

Talking about l'Alcora is the same that talking about ceramics. With more than 500 years of pottery tradition, our town is internationally known for ceramics of the eighteenth century that came from the furnaces of the Royal Earthenware and Porcelain Factory of the Count of Aranda (Real Fábrica de Loza y Porcelana del Conde de Aranda).

The artisan ceramists of Alcora have preserved the essence of our ceramic, expanding techniques and ways to offer visitors a wide range of ceramic products of high quality that are the hallmark symbol of Alcora. Pottery, artistic ceramics and ceramic art make our city the ideal place to purchase the best ceramic crafts of Valencian Community.


Cop d'Art
Contemporary and traditional ceramics. Replicas of parts of the eighteenth century. Pottery.
C/Aigua, 14
Phone numbers: 656 44 00 94
                               619 64 77 32

Cerámica Artística de l'Alcora
Models and ceramic replicas of the Real Fábrica de Loza y Porcelana del Conde de Aranda.
C/ Peiró, 40
Phone number: 964 36 32 72

Taller de Ceràmica Martí & Miralles
Ceramics decorated with traditional styles of Alcora. Specializing in reproductions of "l'Alcora fauna" series of the Real Fábrica (ceramic shaped partridge, duck, frog, lizard, pigeon,...).
C/ Ramón y Cajal, s/n
Phone numbers: 637 87 12 41
                               964 36 23 89

Art Antic
Artisan tiles of Spanish ceramics, earthenware tiles, hand-painted tiles and old posters. Restoration of pieces of old tiling. National Craft Award 2012.
Ctra. L'Alcora-Castelló, km 20.16, nave 8
Phone number: 964 36 70 86
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