The emergence of a manufacturing industry
 The emergence of a tile manufacturing industry

“(...) Nombramos así mismo un Regidor de Quadra de Baldosas en la forma antecedente: todos los quales Regidores de Quadra serán a elección del Director (...)”.
The Royal Factory’s First Set of Regulations. 1727

The Count of Aranda’s Royal Factory manufactured tiles right from the outset, although it produced them in low quantities, rarely in series, and generally to order.

Throughout the 19th century, it continued to produce fewer tiles than its china or pottery ware. It was not until 1903 that Salvador Cotanda founded the first factory specializing in tile manufacturing: La Progresiva. This was followed by others that would make up what can be considered to be the first group of Alcora tile manufacturers: La Paloma, La Esmeralda, Gaya, Diago, Agustín Nomdedéu Vié, Gómez and others that would occupy the Royal Factory’s former warehouses such as Tilesa, El Cacau and BIC. Azulejos Sanchis (1919), which stands opposite us, decorated its façade with a panel of tiles painted by José Cotanda Aguilella, to whom the square where we now stand is dedicated.

These first factories coexisted with others that produced crockery and decorative chinaware: Fábrica de Loza y Azulejos de Cristobal Aicart (1895-1944), Ramos y Cia (1944-1948), Eugenio Macián (1939-1940), LEJUFE (1943-1944), La Cerámica Artística (1942-1947) and, more recently, La Muy Noble (1976-2008).

The Royal Factory already featured a number of presses to make series of products. In the drawing, a screw press can be seen for making serving dishes with a plaster mould.

From the 19th century onward, machinery began to be used so that tiles could be produced in uniform shapes and also with a more compact tile body, allowing more solid thinner tiles to be made.

Following the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), electrical friction presses started to be generally used, operated by just one workman, like the one you can see in this square, dated 1957.
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