Cerámica y sociedad
 Ceramics and local society

Doscientos años hace contaba esta villa 300 vecinos; adelantó muy poco hasta 1718, y entonces empezó a notarse el aumento que ha continuado siempre, hasta formar hoy día 1.200 vecinos […] Las fábricas de loza y porcelana le han dado nueva vida, han multiplicado el numerario, y mantienen una porción crecida del pueblo
Antonio José Cavanilles: Observations on the natural history, geography, agriculture, population and fruits of the Kingdom of Valencia.

Alcora became an official town in 1305 when Juan Ximénez d’Urrea, lord of the manor of Alcalatén, granted it a charter. Plaza de España or Plaza de Loreto (named after a hermitage that used to stand there) is a square next to the old medieval part of the town, some stretches of whose defensive wall, the Marco and Verdera Gates and Repés Tower can still be seen beside it.

The evolution of Alcora’s population is unusual, with bouts of rapid growth associated with booms in its ceramic sector. The first boom took place in 1727, with the foundation of the Count of Aranda’s Royal Factory. The arrival of workmen, master craftsmen and traders from other areas of Spain and abroad led to a growth in the population, which rose from 1,200 to 4,800 inhabitants in just over 50 years.

Between 1800 and 1950, there were big fluctuations in the population due to frequent epidemics and armed conflicts. From 1960, Alcora underwent phases of big demographic growth, coinciding with cycles of industrial expansion, until the population reached its current figure of 11,000 people.

Alcora’s ceramics: contributing to its multicultural mix
With the arrival of French, Dutch, Saxon and Italian people and workmen from different parts of the Crown of Aragon and Castile, 18th century Alcora stood out for its amazing social diversity. This was also reflected in its ceramics, with Oriental, French and Central European influences, among others.
In recent decades, Alcora’s ceramic industry has attracted people from all over the globe, and they have contributed to the economic development and training of its friendly plural society.
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