The objective of this contest is to promote the use of artistic ceramics in public spaces around l’Alcora. The Council of l’Alcora organises this contest and it is sponsored by AZULÍBER 1, S. L.

Ceramics is part of the history and present of l’Alcora. Pottery is documented in our town from the 16th century. The establishment of the Royal Factory in 1727 was a true revolution in the Spanish ceramics scene; it introduced new techniques, decorations and manufacturing processes and it produced pieces of excellent quality which are considered the best ceramics in Europe from the 18th century.

This pioneering production of pieces is considered the precedent of the tile sector in Castelló.
Ceramics is also a tool l’Alcora is using to embellish its streets. Thanks to various public and private initiatives some works of art are being incorporated to our streets and squares which now are places of great tourist interest (this is how the Route of Ceramic Murals was created).
The last incorporation to this Route was “Fragments”, its author is Joan Esquerdo Ivars and it is the winning piece of the first L’ALCORA ESPAI CERÀMIC AZULÍBER.

The objective of the second edition of the contest is the decoration of a wall in the historical centre of l’Alcora, near the church.


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