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Laude British School of Vila-real Exhibition. From December 19th, 2016 to January 29th, 2017
This October, we - art students between 14 and 18 years of age from Laude British School of Vila-real – visited Alcora, a town known for its ceramics industry.
The importance of the art and culture surrounding ceramics in the town can be witnessed at both the Ceramics Museum and the local artisans’ businesses. We visited a business called Art Antic, where we listened to explanations given by Salvador Negre, the ceramicist who accompanied us on our tour through the facility, about how their artistic murals are produced.
Among other things, we saw the progress of a mural that was being painted for David Muñoz’s new restaurant in London.
In the center of the town, we discovered the textures of objects as well as the balance between form and function. We collected and classified visual, tactile, organic, geometric, natural, artificial, utilitarian and artistic textures.
At the Ceramics Museum, we visited their collection of international contemporary ceramics in order to be inspired... and later, at a ceramics workshop, we became ceramicists ourselves.
The results of the workshop can be seen here in this exhibit.
Apart from the sculptures and murals, don’t miss “Clay Motion”, which was made by one of our classmates. It’s truly impressive.
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